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Why should I convert my fleet with alternative fuels?

The average HGV in the UK travels 130,000km (80,000 miles) per year and costs upwards of £25,000 to run [assuming the vehicle is powered by Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD)]. You can implement more effective Green Fleet Management, save money and cause less air pollution. Green Fleet Management, however does require commitment, action plans, driver training, communication, implementation, review and assessment and knowledge of alternatives, but help is available.

You can increase the driving range of each vehicle you operate by having two fuel tanks and a combination of diesel and gas power!!! Saving money in the process.

You can also extend the operation of your vehicles when switching to gas or electric power because the noise levels are reduced. This has specific impact on Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs) and supermarket deliveries…

Public relations and advertising of your more fuel efficient and cleaner greener fleet can have a positive effect on the image of your company.

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