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What are the financial and operational implications?

If you are successful in obtained a Powershift or Cleanup grant, there is minimal additional cost in converting or purchasing vehicles in comparison to conventional diesel fuelled vehicles and you gain all the benefits of operating an alternative fuelled fleet. The fact is that YOU save money and help the environment and in the majority of cases there is no penalty on operational performance.

There are tax breaks on gaseous fuels and Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) reductions for using alternative fuel vehicles, as the amount of VED you pay is based upon the emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the vehicle in question. Servicing of alternative fuelled vehicles is not a problem and in the case of gas-powered vehicles, because the fuel is cleaner burning, engine life is expanded, less oil changes are required and less maintenance is required.

Operationally, there are numerous examples of best practice and hundreds of alterative fuel vehicles in operation in the UK. See case studies section below.

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    PhD work of Stephen Finnegan "A LCA of Alternative Fuels for public Service Vehicles"